About me & this blog

Hello!! My name is Gamuchirai Grace and because most people where I live cannot pronounce my name I go by Gigi.

If I were to pick three words to describe myself I would use hard-working, resourceful, and passionate. In my point of view, once those words come together to describe a person, why not buy a domain and become a blogger. So I did that and here we are.

This is a funsightful blog, as in fun for me and insightful for you, and there you have it, “funsightful”

I did mention something about sliving in my intro and in case you are not very caught up with the trendy slang, it means slaying and living your best life. While you are here, you will find that the word is thrown around like confetti. Fashion is my second passion hence and I write and post a lot about fashion trends and inspirations.

I have had to make some changes in order to adapt to the new working strategy courtesy of the coronavirus. I had struggles managing work-life balance and virtual interactions but once I found the sweet spot I have soured in the WFH department. I even find time to focus on my other passion projects. Because I went through much to settle into an efficient routine, I enjoy sharing what works, what doesn’t, and more ways to manage and balance the new work-life dynamic. I am in between switching careers and I like to see where this journey takes me.

Love – Don’t we all love LOVE? my friends consider me a very great relationship advice giver. I am obviously running with it and sharing all the advice I possibly can concerning how to make relationships work and maintain healthy long partnerships.

I hope you enjoy your time here and subscribe for exclusive content every once a month.