Bloganuary: What makes you laugh?

Day 8 of Bloganuary Series

On a scale of 1-10, my sense of humor is somewhere below -5. I have been told so, well more like accused and I kind of know it myself. It’s not that I don’t laugh at all, I do, just that things have to get hilariously funny for me to crack a smile. So this particular prompt is kind of a difficult one for me but let’s get it on.

I don’t always laugh, I smile, I like comedians or stand-up comedy. I’m the kind of person who will smile and say “ÿeah that’s funny”, I rarely LOL or LMFAO. the only time I find myself laughing is when my s/o is commenting on the hilariousness of British people and films or when he imitates things he finds funny. I guess I made the right choice to find a partner, he is one of the very few people who can make me laugh.

Yes, I’m a serious type of person. Haha, much like professor snape. But people like me, we do have our lets-be-silly, rolling-on-the-floor-laughing moments. They are just rare.

I have often wondered why my sense of humor is none existent and so far I have come up with a couple of explanations. Number one, I am an overthinker. Not as in like labeling myself an overthinker because I think it’s cute or makes me look deep, not that. I wish people would stop making being an overthinker a cute label because it is a serious social problem. My mind does not stop, I’m always trying to make send of things, I’m always ready to ask why, how, what if, when, etc. Imagine missing the point of the joke because your mind lives on the logic and literal wavelength. Number two is I am an INFJ. Maybe one-day ill talk about this.

I’m a very friendly person though, oftentimes people who don’t force a laugh at jokes are usually very real and genuine people, we make good friends too.

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