Who is someone that inspires you and why?

Day 6 of Bloganuary Series

My history teacher will probably be very disappointed with what I am about to write here. I am sure he would expect me to mention some big African heroes and influential persons in the history of our country, but while those are really inspirational people who inspire so much awe and appreciation in me when I saw this prompt I immediately thought, Selena Gomez. Right now, at this moment, that’s someone I look up to so much. Her courage, kindness, and beautiful soul are an inspiration to so many young women out there, myself included.

Of course, I am a millennial which is why it’s much easier to relate to her work and her journey. I don’t always buy into celebrity drama or go beyond their art or the work they are good at to dive into their personal life and memorize their horoscope. I am most impressed by her work and contributions to mental health. We need more influential people who are open about their struggles with Mental Health issues. Not only when they need the public to feel pity for them, but so involved that they try to help people affected by mental health issues and contribute financially and socially to the cause.

Her work with mental health institutions and the efforts she put through her Rare makeup line, to raise mental health awareness makes her a woman of character and a role model to many. We need more people like her in the world, people who stand firm behind a cause. People who declare their desire to make positive contributions and change and then proceed to see it through with tangible actions.

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