What is something you wish you knew how to do?


Have you ever seen a cockroach that somehow got turned on its back and is frantically trying to turn itself the right way up? Picture the way the legs flail around. Actually, have you seen It!, the movie. Yeah, that Pennywise dance

This Pennywise dance. Now add utmost confidence, two left-side feet, and room for Jesus. In my head, while I dance like this, I’m the perfect ballerina, a video vixen with Ciara moves, or better yet, Beyonce in single ladies.

It is that bad but only God knows how much I wish I could dance. I am someone who loves music, dance music.

My Spotify wrapped showed that I listen mostly to dance music. Imagine loving the ocean and not being able to swim, or being a very good chef yet you don’t like food. The last one sounds unfairly wrong, I hope there aren’t such people ut there. Food is great and if you can make it you should be able to enjoy it.

Anyway, as I was saying, I love dance music. I have the energy and the will but I don’t have the gift. I know I can always go to dancing classes but I am so embarrassed by my steps so much that I won’t even try. Maybe I should make it my 2022 goal to get the courage to go for dance lessons. I recently discovered that for me, music, especially dance music, is my attitude anchor. And it works, I’m at peace and happy when am or just after listening to upbeat music. Imagine being able to couple it with some cool moves. I swear I would be the happiest person on earth.

So there it is. The one thing I wish to be able to do above everything else is to dance. What’s yours?

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