What was your favorite toy as a child?

Never mind that I am late to bloganuary, this prompt convinced me to join. My favorite toy as a child was my little sister’s plastic doll. I honestly want to laugh out loud thinking of how, of all the toys I had, the one I liked the most was not even mine. Also, it was not even a barbie. I had a barbie doll but it just did not give what the other doll gave.

When I saw this prompt, I started thinking about what that doll is called because I only ever came across that one, the one which belonged to my sister. My search terms ranged from, plastic dolls, orange plastic dolls, thumb sucking dolls, and the ones that got close to the resemblance were the ones I found under the vintage plastic dolls. Now you gotta hold on to your hats, this is what it almost looked like.

Her name was Remember. I could not make this up, that was what my sister named her doll. She could have called her Betty, or Amy or something girly to make up for the face I remember to have had been ugly, but no, she went with Remember. In retrospect, I don’t even think it was a girl, but let just say it was a girl because boy if it wasn’t a girl, that was one cross-dressing doll. I made some of my most remarkable garments during the Remember phase, at least for a clueless fashion designer.

Now you are probably thinking, how old must I be to have had a preference for this vintage doll over a barbie, and I’m right there with you. Maybe because I identified with its dark skin color but let’s be honest I was too young back then to claim my decisions were based on such critical social thinking, I just happened to love the ugly doll. Bear with me, it was ugly, it didn’t even have hair to style or plait and it didn’t sing like the other dolls did. Looking back, that doll should have stayed in my grandmother’s doll collection if she ever had one.

I do know however that, I learned to knit and sew for the sole purpose of clothing that doll. I remember even cutting bedding sheets and curtains so that I could come up with high fashion for the doll. Of course, it got me into trouble with my mom, I suspect she even hid the doll sometimes just to control the cutting of clothes and material going on at home. We always found it anyway, or maybe she brought it out thinking we would not go back to cutting only to be disappointed so the cycle went on and on until I grew up and shook off the ugly doll fever.

Like most things from our childhood days, the fascination with the doll eventually came to an end at the time was about 12 or 13, and preferred to gossip about boys with my friends. I grew up very fast. Most of my vivid childhood memories are highlighted by my time with Remember. I was top of my fashion and fabrics class in school and I would like to think I had a lot of time practicing as a child because I wanted Remember to look as good as the barbies did.

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