WFH week in review (04)

TGIF!! Here is to hoping for continued working from home and absolutely amazing Fridays. I said before once we hit Friday, my vocabulary turns into a rainbow. So how has been your week working from home or the office? (unfortunately). I hope you slayed your goals and accomplished the impossible. You deserve the wonderful weekend ahead. Mine? It has been so and so.

My boss, like so many others around the world, has reached out to start planning our return to working from the office and you can imagine how heartbroken I was. I am living the dream of a year without pants, (I really have to read that book if I’m going to keep referencing it), and going back to the office is the last thing I want. No offense to my coworkers. you all are good people but WFH is one of God’s ways of making up for the covid-19 disruption. When I opened the group email I figured I could make use of an article I had seen on how to convince your boss to keep working from home to plead my case. It did not work.

Well, my boss understands that I’m more productive working from home, I am very reliable, I communicate clearly and I don’t need any micromanaging and me working from home would surely cut a number of costs which benefits the company but his argument was better and even surprising. Turns out even though I had successfully adapted to the WFH situation not everyone in the organization had and production has been falling behind. Not everyone is disciplined enough to maintain and be available during working hours, or not cause issues due to a breakdown in communication and as a result, not all targets and deadlines were being met.

He went on to suggest some people do better working in real-time teams, not virtual ones. Therefore he is willing to overlook the costs and bring everyone under one roof. That was the peak of my week, it was a fast downhill after that. I guess team effort and supersedes anything else and in that spirit, I will soon be returning to the office with a smile on my face and maintain the winning streak. I say that because it’s easy to think If an employer is forcing me to come back to the office I will go there and put a very slack and unsatisfactory performance, my friend jokingly suggested that even though I know he wasn’t joking.

I hope to see you again in the coming week hopefully with a better and interesting week review. What was the highlight of your week? Good or bad, I would love to hear other people’s experiences in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend, I plan to have a blast.

Some helpful WFH Tips

– separate your workspace from the rest of the house life where possible.
– declutter your workspace
– take breaks (that 1-hour lunch break is important )
– work-life balance is important, don’t overlap work hours into your personal life
add a calming scent or favorite scented candle to your office or desk
– always make sure your communication is clear (no shorthand no implied meaning)