WFH week in review (03)

TGIF!! It doesn’t get old, does it? Once we hit Friday, the mood changes and it’s TGIF everywhere. I remember the olden office days, during the time of yore ( little Friends joke), we used to have casual Fridays. I think most offices had casual Fridays because it makes sense to be laid back and chilled on Fridays. Anyways, I hope your week was as fantastic as mine whether working from home or going to the office, and your weekend even better .

Speaking of offices and casual Fridays, that was a very much-needed change or break of pace and I wonder for folks like me who now permanently work from home, what have you/they/we done to replace that experience. I know it might seem like working from home is already casual enough because a lot of us spend the day in pajamas and different stages of undress anyway (read the year without pants). I don’t think casual Fridays were just about the dress code. My boss used to buy us lunch and sometimes we had half days. I believe if you have a work-from-home office setup that you have committed to whether dressed up or in pajamas, it’s still important to break pace, work a 3/4 day, shift into an even more casual change. For your Mental health and positive outlook, it helps to take things lightly sometimes, yes even work. Now don’t go and say I said slack it out, or do less. Just breath. Personally, I work from bed on Fridays, because why not and I make sure I definitely use my lunch break to pop out for some groceries and movie night snacks.

Nowadays, partially because I’m writing this WFH week reviews, I go out of my way to stay positive, make the best out of my work situations and track my weekly progress since it then means I will have something great to say about my week and I won’t lie to you it makes a big difference. I guess it is true the universe gives back the energy your feed into the world for my weeks have lately been fantastic. Relations with colleagues are top-notch now, even better than when we were in the office.

classic breakfast from Mugg & Bean

I had a power outage on Tuesday because our block was getting some maintenance done which gave me a chance to go work away from home. Spent half the day at my favorite coffee shop and grabbed myself a delicious lunch. And that was the peak of my week, it felt so good to be out and around people, safely of course. However, I did learn the importance of having a power backup when you can afford it. Some situations do not always allow the option to go and work from a cafe hence if you are very crucial to the flow of business in your team, it’s important to back up your power in case of emergencies.

Weekly study goals…

I can finally say, I have learned to manage my time efficiently, especially because the greatest gift of WFH is extra time on your hands. I was not going to let that gift escape from me. I have committed to making sure that I find time to work out and study/upskill. I didn’t skip a day of workout out the past week and well, my LinkedIn Learning tells me I crashed some study goals so I am going to go ahead and say I am successfully managing time now as compared to the earlier days when we just started working from home. I kid you not I was terrible when it came to separating work life from home life or home life from work life. I barely had time for things I enjoy. After a lot of readjustments and adapting, I settled into a routine that allows me to commit to my work without neglecting to take care of myself and my professional growth. Maybe one day, I will share with you what works and what doesn’t and how to keep yourself thoroughly productive while working from home.

Let’s meet next week, at the same place same time with another WFH weekly update. Stay blessed and safe.

Some helpful WFH Tips
– separate your workspace from the rest of the house life where possible.
– declutter your workspace
– take breaks (that 1-hour lunch break is important )
– work-life balance is important, don’t overlap work hours into your personal life
– more to come