WFH week in review (02)

TGIF!!! I have noticed that the way I talk changes when it’s a Friday especially late in the day. Words like, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, are easily accessible in my vocabulary, and working from home makes the cherry on top even sweeter. So how are you beautiful person, I hope your week was as wonderful as mine was.

So let’s get breaking down this wonderful week. There were some lows, then some highs, and a considerable amount of learning. I am thinking whoever said, “never a dull moment” was onto something.

The week started off on a low, physically. I got my first Covid-19 vaccine over the weekend and to say it knocked me out would be a gross understatement. It spilled over to Monday and I was a real-life actual office grump only that there was just me around courtesy of working from home. I usually set my weekly goals on Monday morning and I wasn’t very motivated with the pain I was in. Gradually it went away and before the day was over I was feeling myself and ready to smash some goals.

Goals were smashed, I m a very focused very hard-working person, one day I will share some tips on how to always stay focused when working from home. This week I decided to take my own advice and actually walk my talk. I always tell my friends that when someone, friend, or co-worker is talking to you via messaging (not in real life) if they haven’t used slander or offensive language, always give them the benefit of doubt that they mean well, their tone is friendly and its no good being the one to always take a defensive tone. Upon introspection, I realized I have always tiptoed around one of my colleagues whom I have always thought and said they don’t like me. Instead of just answering the questions they asked I went out of my way and made a couple of calls back to give lengthy feedback and joke about how clients can sometimes be difficult when they confuse themselves.

Nothing good will ever come from matching en energies with your friends or colleagues especially when it’s an energy you are assuming. I try to surround myself with positive vibes, and everyone around me has to know that I’m all about positive energy. That was one of the most important things I learned in the week.

I have been consistently working out with the help of the FitOn app and it’s something I would highly recommend if you are working from home. I think there is bad energy that comes from restricted mobility that comes with WFH. I don’t have any scientific facts to prove this but after seeing that toddlers and little children are always happy people, I came to the conclusion that it’s because they are hyperactive, and as you can see I’m running with it. I kid of course but It’s important to incorporate any form of exercise into your effective WFH schedule. I’m finding the FitOn app very helpful in keeping me active and positive.

And the week continued with a euphoric high, made a couple of mistakes, and took responsibility whilst learning from them. By the end of the week, I had made a pretty decent incentive for surpassing some targets, which I’m planning to spend on a Starbucks drink and some cheap thrills because I believe in rewarding the body that works.

And this concludes my WHF review of the week. Let’s meet same time same place next week, obviously, I’m making this a thing.

Some helpful WFH Tips
– separate your workspace from the rest of the house life where possible.
– declutter your workspace
– take breaks (that 1-hour lunch break is important )
– work-life balance is important, don’t overlap work hours into your personal life
– more to come