Monday Motivation

Happy new week! I am one of the people who have nothing against Mondays. I see every new dawn as a chance to do better than yesterday. With Mondays, there’s a whole week in front of your to improve on the past, if you have the right mindset. I challenge myself to do better, to not complain, to surpass every target and expectation. To survive your Mondays, make it a personal positive reinforcement affair. Pick a goal, it has to be substantial and meaningful toward your work and projects otherwise there isn’t much of a challenge. Work towards that goal this week and if you succeed go get that thing you have always wanted as a reward. That’s how I survive my Mondays and my weeks. I am always working towards a goal and looking forward to that reward I get from myself. Remember the one person who can truly understand and appreciate your efforts is you, take care of yourself, appreciate yourself and challenge yourself to grow, every day every week.