5 gift ideas your partner will love .

Happy Friday!! I’m usually in a very good mood when it’s a Friday so much that I think about all the positive things in the world. Things like gifting, and love and romance and everything ooey-gooey. My love language is probably receiving gifts, not that I know for sure but I would l like to think that the reason I used to be very good at giving gifts is probably that it’s something that communicates love to me. Let’s just be ok with me not explaining why I said used to and focus on these gift ideas, that work both ways for him/her which I’m very certain your other half will love, and the good part is that they will not break your bank. 

A personalised fridge magnet. 

People tend to get sentimental about small things that communicate mountains. Imagine having a reminder that there is someone in the world who means the world to you and they love you back the same or more every time you walk past your fridge, you are in your kitchen or getting something from the fridge. It seems mundane, or very small things but the thought resembles something much bigger than love. Customized magnets make for very personal and special gifs since your partner will have taken an effort to make something very small and common made just for you.

A voice wave.

image of a soundwave
Image by CSTRSK from Pixabay 

I only discover red this quite recently and it seems to be something very popular yet it took forever to get to me and I wonder if I’m becoming too checked out from trendy stuff. I think voice waves are quite impressive and would make for perfect gifts. Record your loved one saying the things you love hearing them say, or record yourself saying something your partner loves hearing. It does not even have to be the usual  “I love you” ’or some cliche unoriginal thing. If you know your partner you know the choruses they love, the quotes that uplift them, or even just their name. I know some people say their partner’s name as if they are making a declaration of infinity love. Do that, and frame the soundwave, well also make sure they know what’s on the soundwave for they could be like me a year ago not knowing what’s what. The size of the frame is entirely up to you, a humungous wall frame or a portable desktop one. This also works for the personalised fridge magnet, honestly, you can put a voice wave anywhere, on a T-shirt, on a cup or even a sticker for their laptop or pop-socket, anything goes. 

Charm bracelet.

Yes, they are suitable for men, No, we are in  2021 and there is nothing called too feminine and also No, it doesn’t have to be a  Pandora bracelet, although I would love one of those. I hope I cleared the confusion. If your partner is cool and fashion-forward to the point of embracing accessories, get them a charm bracelet. I hope it’s not just me who when the words charm bracelet are mentioned my mind goes to pandora, agggh I want a pandora bracelet so bad. Anyway, charm bracelets come in many forms and most are quite cheap and affordable. I would go for a beaded charm bracelet any day, but I still would like to own a  pandora one. What you put on the charm or as charms is also entirely up to you just that you can make it something your partner loves, their name, both your names, your children’s names or better yet, your anniversary date. 

Something that matches.

This is especially great for long-distance couples as both of you will have something common that reminds you of your other half who is miles away. If you know there is something both of you use very often (not a toothbrush ) or usually do together (not brushing of teeth ), use that advantage a get a matching set. It could be a bathrobe, ugly holiday sweater, key chain, coffee mug, car accessories, the possibilities are endless. You can personalise it or not it does not matter as long as it something that matches. I swear in one of your conversations one of you will say, hey I was looking at that keychain and thought of you, I’m willing to bet on this. Go get that matching set of, God knows what and get twinning with bae. 

Favourite childhood book.

Ok, yes I borrowed from Chandler. We all love a bit of nostalgia or a lot of it in my case. To have your partner buy you your favourite childhood book sounds like a romantic way to celebrate childhood memories, doesn’t it?  If you already have one you bought yourself I would suggest that maybe, I don’t know, ..throw it away. Seriously lose it and hope your loved one buys it for you and tell me if it is still the same buying it yourself or having your loved one buy it for you. The thing about childhood books is that you don’t have to be someone who loves reading as an adult. Books we read when we were kids were like what, 20 pages the most right?, well unless you were some kind of genius reading “A song of Fire and Ice” at age 10.  Even if you spent most of your childhood climbing trees and not reading books, there is one you remember and I’m certain you would love to read again so maybe get your partner one of theirs, gifting is usually reciprocal you might get yours next. 

The Ideas are very small but the thought always counts and one can always go high end if big and expensive is your thing. Like getting a matching set of $1,000 Gucci Sweaters. If you are a gift-giver like me, try all of the ideas above. Your wallet will thank you and your partner will love you more and your partner will love you more.