My New and Improved Skincare Routine

It has been a while since I last talked about my skincare routine and favorite products. Which, if you ask me, is quite impressive because I am one of those people who are very obsessed with the products they use, and talking about them. I have my very bad genes to thank for the passionate care and effort I put into making sure my skin looks as amazing as anyone in their 20’s should. And then I got delta new one, my skin became atopic, yes, adult eczema. Just when you thought a girl’s life can’t get any worse, you get eczema. A lot of things had to change, I went from managing oily, acne-prone skin to including highly sensitive, easily irritated factors when choosing my skincare products. It’s a task and a half but throughout the whole adjusting, I learned what could be the most important thing about beauty and skincare. Less is more!.

When you have oily skin, you learn to watch out for ingredients that do not worsen the sebum production since that’s the start of the domino effect that includes, acne, irregular texture, pigmentation marks, etc. Most of the time, these ingredients are the good stuff that everyone else is raving about. I am still very much pissed at the fact that I have never really been able to use and appreciate hyaluronic acid serum as it just sends my skin on oil production overdrive. Already managing oily skin and making sure it is not just matte but matte and also moisturized is a mission. Then add the fact that you have to make sure whatever product you end up with does not trigger rashes and outbreaks, you will see you have reached a whole new level of complicated because then you realize, your go-to oily skin products like niacinamide and eucalyptus, etc, are no longer safe for your skin. If you have Kylie Jenner kind of money, it’s a piece of cake, but if you are like me, with bills to pay and semi-adult responsibilities, you cannot just go spending coin on the best skincare solution for oily-sensitive ridiculous skin. You have to be wise and rethink your whole skincare regimen. I began a process of elimination by trial and error I had so many products in my skincare routine it took me almost half a year to settle for the 5 products that make up my whole skincare routine, morning and evening.

Why less is more.

When your partner tells you that there is no room or space in the bathroom for his four, bathroom essentials, you question some things or get questioned a lot. I never used to mind that I had mounds of beauty products, I actually took pride in my ability to cocktail my skincare regimen. But at the end of the day, the skin is a very simple biological structure and, cosmetics on the other hand are very foreign chemicals we introduce to this biological structure. There is bound to be a reaction to each and every one of your products and sometimes ingredients. Make that 10 products and hundreds of ingredients because who are we fooling,  a single product is usually made up of 10 ingredients on average. I do not want to think of the processes my skin had to go through to adjust to these chemicals and incorporate them into the process of skin cell regeneration. In my head I think, the reason we use these products is to trick the skin into thinking that these ingredients are part of its biological makeup so as to get the results we want, which would normally take the skin forever to get right without excessive artificial help. Imagine if they are a hundred artificial chemicals added onto the skin, would that not be very strenuous for the skin, and we end up doing more harm than good. After my skin started acting up with the eczema flares I figure the time to readjust had come. I narrowed my skincare products to just 6 items. My skin has been very manageable,  to the point of non-existent breakouts. The oiliness is a bit controlled which is funny because I added oil to my regimen, something I had been very terrified of because of my skin type. 

My skincare products

This is the whole of it for my body and my face. I will post below a picture of the products I stopped using for reasons I’m not going to go into. Ild rather break down the products that have been working for me. The large pores are gone, my skin is halfway to glossy, the blemishes are barely there anymore, honestly, I don’t know what it is that is working but the results are there and I’m happy the effort is very minimum.

Breaking it down

I’m not going to sweet talk anyone into buying anything, I don’t get paid for advertising these products im just a giRL who found out that these products work well together. First glance at the product gallery would tell you that I completely got rid of toners. Yeah, I don’t think they are necessary, something that is now a fact to me. I’m not shying away from oils and moisturizing, in spite of my oily skin, and as fate would have it, somehow it works.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar: This is for washing my face morning and evening. I carried it over from my extensive regimen. This cleansing bar although it didn’t do much for my blemishes, stopped my skin from breaking out, no matter the time of the month if you know what I’m saying.
The Ordinary ascorbic acid alpha arbutin: I don’t use this every day, just here and there if I don’t forget about it. I’m going after the alpha arbutin, we black girls have to get the pigmentation under control and it doesn’t hurt to have the vitamin c as well in it. Straight Vitamin C had started causing irritation on my forehead and that baby had to go.
Nivea Perfect & Radiant Luminous630, Treatment Serum: An everyday essential, you can never go wrong. It doesn’t say on the package that it is fragranced but I love how divine it smells. Amongst my favorite drugstore finds, also very cheap and I think its the reason my blemishes are fading away. Sometimes I layer it with ascorbic acid when my skin feels parched. The bottom line is it works.
Justine A-Firm Brightening Cream: Depending on the day, this is step three or four of my morning routine and also the final one. No mists or complicated devices whatsoever. Just plain old wash, treat and moisturize. It’s a heavy moisturizer, too heavy for oily skin if you don’t like the shiny. I got over the greasiness, what’s a little shinny when your skin looks more supple and bright within a few days of using a product.
Justine A-firm brightening eye cream: A beauty influencer I follow on youtube used to say eye creams are expensive moisturizers. Well, I disagree. I’m glad I didn’t get influenced while there was enough time for me to not regret it. As a person who works long hours in front of a screen, I was beginning to see the look of fatigue and dull skin around my eyes. This product changed all that. I have hooded eyes with creased eyelids, which look like I have wrinkles around my eyes, and with this eye cream, I have seen a noticeable improvement. I will keep buying the expensive moisturizer if that’s the case,
Skin functional Exfoliating Facial 1: I carried this over from my previous regimen as well. It’s easy and gentle and it does give the skin a renewed glow. It’s so easy and simple I have nothing more to say about it.
Baocare Ance Skincare oil: I always read that to control sebum production you have to be willing to add oil to your skincare routine so as to discourage your skin from thinking it has to constantly produce more sebum. I thought this was bogus, chemistry until some store assistant advised me to try this oil. I wonder if it’s the reason my pores have closed up and the oiliness is much more tolerable. Back then I used to get a breakout every time I used a heavily moisturizing product but not anymore. I use this at night after m moisturizing and I look forward to looking at my face every morning.
Epy Derm U: The cherry on top of this whole icecream is this lotion. I had to stop using my favorite fancy-smelling body creams and oils because my skin decided to go atopic. It’s a heavy moisturizer, dermatitis requires one to keep the skin very moisturized. I ran out of my usual night cream one day and decided since moisturizing is very important at night, it won’t hurt if use this cream until I get a refill. I could not believe the look of my skin the following morning. It was very soft, very moisturized, and glowing. I decided I didn’t need to buy a night cream at all and have been using this cream since. It has been a very beautiful journey,

These are some of the products I removed from my skincare routine . Orange you glad I rescued myself form this ridiculousness .

So that’s basically my very minimum skincare routine as compared to what I used to endure in the name of taking care of my skin. I know I’m a skincare junkie, one day I will come to cross a product that will tickle my curiosity, and ill dive right into it again, but I think I have got the basics narrowed down I can always return to this regimen or find a new one that will work as I get older. Always remember to keep it simple and to the minimum as much as possible.